Launch venue announced…

We are pleased to announce that the exhibition will launch at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in October 2009. This is particularly exciting for us as it means that Andy will continue to work closely on the project and this is invaluable. It has also meant that we have had to think quickly about a title for the exhibition, as initial material will go to print shortly.

This has been an extremely interesting experience and our thoughts have mostly revolved around notions of time…we have had some ideas swilling around for a while and as we look back over the content of the blog ‘time’ as a principle and subject occur again and again.

One of my immediate thoughts was ‘Out of Time’…I like the various connotations and complexity of meaning, especially in the context of the global financial situation, but also it brings me to thoughts of my own making practice and the feeling whilst making of being in ‘a time of my own’.

I have also enjoyed and thought over the title of an installation by Grace Weir at the science Museum last year called ‘In my Own Time’ with three films that Weir made about concepts of time. I particularly like the notion of ‘as long as it takes to milk a cow’ as a measure of time. You can listen to an interview with Weir at:

After many conversations with Andy we have been through many titles and have a shortlist: ‘Taking Time’, ‘It Takes Time’ and ‘In Time’

Hopefully you will see the fruits of our discussion later this week, although Andy – I am coming back round to ‘Out of Time’ title after reading about the Hopi Indian tribe who are ‘known for their interesting language: due to its lack of verb tenses and resulting omission of any conception of time. The closest that the Hopi language comes to a sense of time are two words in the entire language: one meaning sooner and another meaning later’ 1

It resonates with me and my thoughts of time in a making practice, which sometimes seems to exist in another time framework completely, perhaps managing to remain elusive and rather nicely ‘Out of Time’.


2 thoughts on “Old news

  1. I had the pleasure of seeing another earlier exhibition by Grace Weir ‘A fine Line’ at the Cornerhouse in Manchester (2003) in particular ‘Dust defying Gravity’.Her work reflects on time (and much more I think) in such an arresting way. (A DVD does exist of that exhibition).
    I think it is an example of how many different ways time can be an element within a piece of work.

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