Tuesday 23 February 2010

This, the final Analogue session of the project, was a chance for everyone who’d attended a previous event to come along, meet each other, and together create a dialogue on the themes of feedback.

The final event concerned itself with feedback.  Feedback is any process where the end result returns to the beginning, allowing both an ongoing evaluation and evolution of an idea or activity.  It is used by funders and supporters to test the efficacy of their support; by some musicians, filmmakers, choreographers and artists in the structures of their work; and by all creative practitioners as a working methodology.  It can be used to disrupt or restore equilibrium in a system, and is at work in both national elections and blog comments pages.

The concept for this event was inspired by Amy Houghton’s thoughtful and elegiac piece in the show that allows visitors to leave feedback and thoughts by typing on a typewriter.  This piece was also a topic of conversation at Birmingham City and Art Gallery in November between Russell Martin, Helen Carnac (exhibition curator and maker) and Deirdre Figueiredo (director of Craftspace, commissioner of Analogue and the Taking Time exhibition).

As well as a typewriter, presented in homage to Amy’s piece, on which people could leave their thoughts, the event also included live Twitter updates to Houghton’s Tweave project, weaving our thoughts from the day into a larger online conversation.

The attendees also heard excerpts from dialogues with Caroline Juby, Linda Sandino and from the Alias summer session.

Excerpt 1 – Caroline Juby

Excerpt 2 – Linda Sandino

Excerpt 3 – Alias

The session was attended by Russell Martin, Helen Carnac, David Gates, Laura Malacart, Aletta Collins, Shelly Goldsmith and Emma Daker, assisted and joined by Silvio Palladino.  Many of the photographs from the day, displayed below, were also taken by Silvio.

No audio was recorded at this session: please see the Tweave conversation and images below instead.

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