Tuesday 8 September 2009

View from the barge

View from the barge

Taking part in this dialogue on the barge Jenny Wren, sailing from Camden to Paddington, were academics and makers who are part of the Chelsea School of Art’s TED (Textiles Environment Design) group, co-ordinated by Becky Earley.

The session included comments from individual crafts practitioners on what the slow movement means to their practice, and their working methodologies in terms of the handmade and machine made.

Participants included designer makers Kay Politowicz, Clara Vuletich, Kate Goldsworthy, Melanie Bowles, Emma Neuberg, Frances Geesin, Jenny Ballie, David Gates and Bridget Harvey.

As part of a whole day of dialogues, only one part of the session has been presented here; over 5 hours of audio was recorded and will be used by the TED research group as a document and inspiration for future events.

Here, the participants explore what part concepts of ‘slow’ have in their varying working practices, mostly in textiles.

49min 29sec

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