Wednesday 18 February 2009

This open dialogue session included contributions from Jorunn Veiteberg of Think Tank, the European initiative for the applied arts, and practitioner Simone ten Hompel.

Jorunn Veiteberg lives and works in Bergen/Norway and Copenhagen/Denmark and completed her MA in art history in 1982 and PhD in 2000.  She has worked as a critic, curator and head of arts in Norwegian Television and was editor-in-chief of the Norwegian art and craft magazine “Kunsthandverk” 1998-2007.

Besides a range of scholarships she was awarded the Torsten och Wanja Söderberg’s Nordic design Prize as critic/writer in 1999.  Latest books Craft in Transition, 2005 and Kim Buck Its the Thought That Counts, 2007.  She is currently Professor of curatorial studies and craft theory at Bergen National Academy of the Arts.  In 2008 she became the project manager of Creating Artistic Value, a research project that will take place from 2008-2011, focussing on the development within ceramics during the latest 10-15 years when the use of rubbish and ready-mades has become more and more common as material in ceramic practices.

12min 16sec

Simone ten Hompel was born in Germany in 1960. As someone with dyslexia, ten Hompel says she has ‘found her voice’ through metal and her work is a way of communicating through the material. She uses silversmithing and blacksmithing techniques to create functional, domestic objects that often focus on eating and drinking. She is inspired by silver but works with a variety of materials to create work that is both sculptural and intended for use.

7min 48sec

Following both presentations, there was an open question sessions with all audience members – sound quality varies.

51min 46sec

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