As well as one to one dialogue sessions, Analogue included a series of group dialogue events between makers, other creative practitioners and members of the public, related to the themes of this blog and the Taking Time exhibition.

Swedenborg Hall, Bloomsbury, London

Wednesday 18 February 2009
Presentations by Jorunn Veiteberg of Think Tank, the European initiative for the applied arts, and practitioner Simone ten Hompel.

Southbank Centre, London

Monday 27 April 2009
Presentations by makers Paul Harper, Gary Breeze, David Gates, Shelly Goldsmith and writer Carl Honoré.

Russell Martin’s studio, Hackney Wick, London

Thursday 4 June 2009
Presentations by composer Tim Parkinson, performance artist Laura Malacart, and curator and visual artist Nick Kaplony.

alias art camp, Westley Farm, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Saturday 27 June 2009
A special, informal, practitioner led open summer session took place during the alias art camp development weekend.

Canal boat between Camden Town and Paddington Basin, London

Tuesday 8 September 2009
Presentations by Kay Politowicz, Clara Vuletich, Kate Goldsworthy, Melanie Bowles, Emma Neuberg, Frances Geesin, Jenny Ballie, David Gates and Bridget Harvey.  Co-organised with Becky Earley / TED research group, Chelsea College of Art.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Saturday 7 November 2009
Open dialogue session between Russell Martin, Taking Time curator and maker Helen Carnac and Craftspace director Deirdre Figueiredo.

studio1.1, London

Tuesday 23 February 2010
Final group dialogue with all previous Analogue attendees invited.  Present were Russell Martin, Helen Carnac, David Gates, Laura Malacart, Aletta Collins, Shelly Goldsmith and Emma Daker, assisted by Silvio Palladino

One thought on “Open dialogues

  1. fantastic to find this website. Having just completed an MA in Arts and Ecology and writing my dissertation on the role of Crafts in the transition we are currently finding ourselves in (keybook, Richard Sennett,The Craftsman) It is a relief to find others with similar thoughts. I am the founder of the Totnes Transition Town group called Sustainable Makers which is a group of Artists and Makers looking at the social, cultural and economic role of the Maker in a time of energy descent. Currently working on reskilling and skills exchange projects.
    Spending a lot of time with activists and academics working in the field of climate change, it has never been more clear to me the importants of Artists and Craftspeople working in this field, either directly or indirectly.
    The hand and brain connection, working with the land, touch, connection with natural materials, the slow process of making, all can inspire a respect and love of the natural environment we find ourselves in, and therefore a respect for the objects we choose to have in our environment…So much to say, thanks again


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