Off the page.

Following her comment on the Making a Slow Revolution blog Jane Freear-Wyld has been asked to contribute to the next episode of the Radio 4 ‘Off The Page’ show entitled ‘Instant Gratification’. Jane says: “I thought you all at Craftspace may be interested to know I’ve recently recorded an edition of ‘Off the page’ for Radio 4 on the theme of ‘instant gratification’, which airs on Thursday 16th June at 1.30pm. The invite came right out of the blue and is due to Mark Smalley, the producer, having read and liked what I posted onto the ‘Making a Slow Revolution’ blog Craftspace was in involved with. It’s incredible that almost 3 years later I should get this opportunity, and that the blog is still having a positive effect. As a tapestry weaver, ‘instant gratification’ is the complete antithesis of my working life which, by it’s very nature, is slow; and this was the stance I took on the subject.”

The BBC website descibes the show: “Cheap credit and immediate online access to infinite availability have contributed to one of the defining characteristics of our time – the ‘have it all’ culture of being able to instantly gratify our wants and needs. But at what cost? Dominic Arkwright explores the pleasures and pitfalls of instant gratification in the company of three speakers from very different walks of life. Representing the complete antithesis of the quick hit, tapestry weaver Jane Freear-Wyld shows Dominic a textile the size of a paperback, explaining how it takes 250 hours, or six working weeks, to make. Hers is a world away from the work of advertising creative director Matt Beaumont who arguably fuels our lust for not only jam today, but yesterday and tomorrow too. Meanwhile, Times columnist and writer Sathnam Sanghera, recently returned from a holiday in Mumbai, argues that it’s the recent shift towards instant gratification that is fuelling India’s rapidly rising standard of living, very different to an ethos that promises fulfilment neither now nor in in this life at all, but in the next one.”

Read Jane’s original post here: https://makingaslowrevolution.wordpress.com/contributors/

Listen to the article here

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