In true Slow style it’s a belated Happy New Year from the Making a Slow Revolution site. 2010 was an extremely busy time for thinking and developing ideas around this blog and the ongoing Taking Time exhibition, which is currently in its 6th showing in Dumfries.

2011 may yet prove to be even busier with a Slow Summit being planned for July and a book idea in progress and two more venues on the exhibition tour to go. More news on this to follow.

In the meantime I visited the exhibition in Dumfries last Saturday and gave a talk and walk around the exhibition, whilst Paul Scott and Dawn Youll did a more conversational talk about their reflections on collaborative practice, which was chaired by Helen Voce. I particularly liked some of their thinking around physical and mental thinking spaces and how time seems to change in these spaces. I had been reading Rodinsky’s Room by Rachel Lichtenstein and Iain Sinclair on the train to Scotland and it immediately took me to some sort of liminal space, which so often the thinking around this project does. I also very much enjoyed the way Amy Houghton’s piece, One centimetre is a little less than half an inch seemed to fit so well into the very institutional landscape of the Gracefield Art Centre, see below.


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