I must say it is a very concerning point on speed, actually to some point the
‘fragile’ element in slow design thinking .
The direct connection that people make to this is speed. Everything in our
consciousness is based on our time journey. The idea of how we Live, is totally
connected to our time experience. We think in forward or backward in timelines.
Everything that we do is experience on this flat horizontal time and distance experience,
but forgetting we can also go in other dimensions then left and right. We
keep on having this need for measuring our life, our road and context. Where are we,
what have we done so far, what can we still do, everything is set out to time,
how much time do we still have , can we create some more time – a time out..
It’s almost like time is a treat, showing us there is a dot at the end of the line.
bringing out a panic so we make most of the time we have, speeding things up to have bigger profit..

But it’s merely a short term profit, even the thought of just linear time experience shortens
the view of real meaning of time – influencing directly the real meaning of slow.

Many people thinking so direct about slow get also restless on the topic.
Is this affecting my quality of life, is this affecting the needs I have for life?
Not realizing the deeper meaning of slow design, enriching openings, encouraging experiences that
actually open up people consciousness for seeing a little larger, a little wider on the system we
live in..

Slow design isn’t about slowing down our life system – its about opening up a new system of life,
being able to view in a different perspective to what we have in our hands and heads and what we do with it.
Do we keep on living on the ‘slow’lazy’ mentality of not wanting to think bigger – that is a negative
slow that is a daily brainstop for thinking New, thinking into a better quality of life.

We think in physical, we think in time, we think in distance.. Slow design should open up
this other dimension, expanding the local perspective and how can we do this. How can we make
slow design have wider reach for the people.

Our lives can experience a total new experience by taking time out of the physical
” what you see is what you get’ . Human brain and intervention, our unconscious can go beyond our
direct time experience.

With the work you do , but also others like Alastair (Fuad-Luke), slowlab or us on different location we are
trying to inject new systems of thinking about slow , slow design , slowing down.

but in Slow Design it is the mentality and activation change of perspective, what is
a different time experience then the direct forward-backward slow-fast interpretation.

Slow design also became a argued but popular theme, being picked up and worked through by
many people, places and groups what is a great thing still we need to maintain and inject quality
in the transmission of what slow design is.

It stays always interesting still to rethink a new term then slow as well. slow covers a wide spectrum
but in itself always calls out the conversation on speed.

Speed stays important.. but it’s about implanting slow strategies in a fast pace system..
not cutting down the speed but changing it’s course…


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