Part 1

My trip to Moscow last week was extremely quick: and fast and slow and quick were surely at the front of my mind. I had been invited to go and run a two day workshop about fast and slow making and thinking at Strelka by the independent curator and former director of Platform 21, Joanna van der Zanden.

After long, slow queues coming through passport control, where it was almost as if time had slowed right down and the slow bureaucracy of the big machine had taken over, I was met by my driver. Here everything sped up: clearly annoyed that I was delayed and trying to catch up with time we proceeded to almost run to the car, only to join the grid lock of traffic that surrounded the airport. Quite honestly what I experienced next, I have never ever experienced before: the easiest way to explain the hour and a half journey into Moscow that night might be by using the word ‘joyride’. We did not need to stay ‘on’ the road, the dust track at the side was just fine for some very fast driving and when we did stick to the road, we didn’t need to stay on the correct side, even when another car was driving straight at us. Still I eventually made it to the hotel in one piece and then on to Strelka for a warm balmy evening and my first meeting with Joanna and some of the other designers who were working on the project. I felt like I was in a strange place but it felt pretty exciting and I looked forward to the next few days…


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