It has been a very busy time for me and I have continued to travel the country talking about the project while the exhibition shifts and moves. 

I have been thinking a great deal about how this blog continues to be an important space to keep the thinking around the project alive. While the exhibition contains several pieces that shift and grow over time, for the most part the exhibits will remain the same during the tour. And whilst some galleries embrace one of the main concepts of the exhibition: of keeping the ideas live through projects that engage with local connections to thinking through slow concepts: offering installations and events that keep it alive – others have the crucial concern of just showing the work and will not be engaging in this way. So here back in London I am trying to keep the conversation alive not only myself, but for a wider audience.

Since my last post the exhibition has moved. It closed at the Dovecot on 2oth March and has since  travelled to The Harley Gallery where it is now being installed, opening this Friday.

In February I went up to Edinburgh and gave a talk about the exhibition at Edinburgh College of Art and Shane Waltener and Amy Houghton embraced the idea of making the project live at the Dovecot for a duration through working with the venue -Shane installing a piece in the Dovecot’s stairwell and Amy giving a talk about her commissioned piece for the exhibition for which she used the Dovecot’s archive at Mount Stewart. You can see more about this on the associated takingtime blog

As for me I felt a tension in not being there for this, trying to keep thinking and moving the ideas forward and wanting to engage at all levels – I wanted to be there…but time is against me, funding has gone and I guess I can’t do it all on my own and so even though I would have liked to have been there and the thinking attached to this would have been very valuable, I am afraid it didn’t happen. I would have embraced the opportunity to talk at the Dovecot and meet the audience who seemed also to embrace it so well and I would really like the opportunity to do this at the Harley, but to date there is no plan and apparently not the audience.

So without wishing to bemoan all of this I have been out on the road talking, last week down in Devon…which was fantastic – I thought through the concepts of the blog, with Rosy Greenlees, Director of the Crafts Council and Katie Bunnell, Research Director of Autonomatic at University College Falmouth, and the nature of using this blog in the process of thinking about this exhibition. It was a great thing to do and has reinforced the importance of this space and of somehow bringing together the ideas of everyone who comes into contact through it. 

So I have just been asked to write a piece about this space for Canada’s craft magazine: Studio for their summer issue and I am very excited. I will keep you posted but safe to say it’s an important space and place and I will reflect on this and through it and so any comments from anyone out there on this would be invaluable.

I will update sooner next time…


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