I have been up in Edinburgh watching the final touches of installation taking place before the exhibition’s opening on Friday 15th January. The team at Innovative Craft have done a fantastic job and the show looks excellent. 

I caught up with Shane Waltener and unravelled the large Garland 21 which had come from Birmingham and had so many hands of making brought with it in the piece. Shane installed it into the space before I talked  about the exhibition with a BBC Radio Scotland  journalist. I will link to the article here when it is published online – it was fascinating talking through the work and trying to visualise it for a listening audience.

Many thanks to Amanda Game and her staff for their great work in installing the show and all their hospitality. Four of the makers in the show (David, Shane, Sue and Dawn) had come for the opening and it was a great privilege once again to talk through the work with them and think about the work as if for the first time..looking at some of the relationships between the work in this new location was really interesting and incredibly stimulating and there seemed to be some lovely serendipity going on.

Here are some images from the past few days…

Garland 21 is unravelled while David’s, Heidrun’s and Matthew’s pieces watch on along with the step ladder…

Shane installs Garland 21 in the gallery…

peeking into the space through Shane’s work..

and through Matthew’s work..

A visitor looks at Elizabeth Turrell’s work.

There were some lovely visual relationships going on between the works. Here you can see the work of Matthew Harris, David Gates, Gary Breeze and Sue Lawty.

And now with the addition of Paul Scott’s and Ann Linnemann’s work.

Images David Gates and Helen Carnac

The following images are from Sue Lawty


3 thoughts on “Exhibition opens at IC at the Dovecot..

  1. Days after I’m still affected by the exhibits. 45 years ago in Edinburgh many pleasant hours I spent in the then pool and baths before its present conversion to an exhibition hall. I can still smell the red carbolic soap and feel its hard dry texture. The male changing cubicles were on the south of the pool, the ladies on the other. Above were the warm and steamy bath rooms. Pure pleasure.

    Th pieces I didn’t understand were the collection of wooden upright ‘work stations’. I dreamt about them being taking down at night. I am left with new forming ideas about making and its aesthetics.

    Thanks for the exhibition.

  2. Helen, I was at the exhibition yesterday – Organised family trip to Edinburgh for that purpose! My daughters aged 13&15 were not keen at first but the 15 spent over 1 hour knitting and the 13 year old loved amy Houghton’s typewriter so “time” was spent together enjoying. I particularly loved B Earley and Matthew Harris as I am a textile student but my dissertation is on slow fashion so the whole experience was important to me. It made me calm and also realise the importance of spending time to care what you are doing. Other favorites were Gary Breeze and Sue Lawty (who has given a talk at my college so always interested in her work). I have also loved reading about the whole exhibition. Well done and I shall keep watching what you do.

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