Well once again I am happy to be able to use the ‘slow’ pun in my blogging as I seem to have been slower than ever in getting a news update on to the blog. However, things have really sped up for all involved in the project and I will try to run through a few notable things over a number of posts in the next few days.

Firstly Craftspace have appointed a new Exhibition’s Manager: Emma Daker. Emma has come with a wealth of experience and in her first six weeks has begun to help further shape the project and exhibition and embrace the concept, makers, galleries and all involved. I am very pleased to welcome her to this and look forward to moving ahead with the project with her.

I, in the meantime seem to have experienced a wealth of train travel up and down and across the country. A few weeks ago I visited a project that artist Linda Florence is leading at Wightwick Manor, a National Trust property in Wolverhampton.


Linda has worked with group of Caribbean elders who, inspired by the arts and crafts interior of the property, have produced some wonderful prints. Linda will be working on developing these prints into a design that will be printed into wallpaper lengths at Wolverhampton University. I am in the process of writing a longer piece about this and the fruits of the project will be shown at Wightwick shortly (see below). The project will also be shown in the ‘taking time’ exhibition.





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