Russell Martin has uploaded two recent recorded conversations onto the At Home page.The first is between furniture designer and maker David Gates and choreographer Aletta Collins. The dialogue includes:

  • Practice of choreography
  • Rehearsals and place in dance
  • Choreographer’s lack of control in performance
  • Crafts making and process of research
  • Morton Feldman’s views on composition as activity
  • Dance notation and notebooks
  • Filming dance and problems faced in this
  • Craftspeople as practicing a kind of dance in the studio

The second between Russell Martin and oral history researcher and lecturer in the history and theory of the applied arts Linda Sandino .  The dialogue touches on:

  • Johannes Fabien and the notion of ‘ethnographic present’
  • Makers ‘monograph’ works and audience
  • Visual arts and self expression
  • Hierarchy of visual arts and crafts
  • Collect 2009 at the Saatchi Gallery
  • Practice and the art market
  • Differences between the visual arts and crafts in relation to ‘dream time’

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